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But what are, in fact, thoughts? Refining your inner dialogue-

You think. You ponder. You replay your experience & revisit it, multiple times. Thoughts are but an intangible reverie that may or may not hold any substantial value, and mind you, they continue to be so unless you act on them. Are these thoughts helping you? In most cases, I’d say not. Well, you might want to look back on the several times you caught yourself in a downward spiral, whether it is by curling up in layers of anxiety or simply procrastinating important tasks because of this and we can all agree there is absolutely no good that comes out of it.

Are you irreplaceable at your job? Here’s what you should know-

These are legitimate, compelling qualities that can certainly get you hired. But is that all? And, is that enough? With the unceasing technological advancements and the countless budding minds looking to disrupt business models persistently, new-age systems, processes and numerous other arrows aiming at the bulls-eye that is your job- repeatedly proving that you are worthy can feel quite arduous. What is it that really retains you at your workplace? LinkedIn is filled to the brim with industry

Back to the salt mines: Vying with productivity in a pandemic

The way a pandemic can drain your creativity and diminish your ability to be able to pour outward and express, is real. We are present in a paradox of continuously streaming negativity, despair and uncertainty, that we are being forced to consume, process and move on from. How is it fair for that to be expected of you, you may ask. It’s not. Yet here we are, trying to get a grip on this new reality which seems too eerie to be familiarised, no matter how incessant it’s proven itself to be. For a

About Me

I'm the girl that alters every aspect of a detail until it reflects a more aesthetic, asymmetric & eccentric version of itself. I'm, well, a calligraphy aficionado, book hoarder, in her 20s, who enjoys an occasional writing spree. If you mention work-life, figurative art or philosophy, you would've landed yourself a conversation with me.

As a management graduate I have always been inclined towards various nuances of concepts that bolster greater efficiency in this sphere. As someone rightly said- it starts within- and since I'm here to explore the dynamic shared by different aspects of work-life, I'll be penning my thoughts down about the same beginning at a personal plane. I hope to reflect on common topics in an uncommon manner and induce self-talk that would help you to embody your ideal self.

Writing is my way of channelizing zen into my life, but for the most part, it is a form of self expression for me. While I can not promise to be regular, I will certainly put out authentic, intriguing & thought-provoking write-ups here.

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